【The secret of the Japanese】Best Ingredients Its name is KAZUNOKO-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Impact food-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Japan is a maritime nation


I ate a lot of fish from ancient times

The sea in Japan is rich in fish species

The north is Hokkaido

the south is the Senkaku Islands

the Japanese sea is rich



the sea of ​​Japan also has overfished and the number of fish

is decreasing

And the Japanese eat fish eggs as well as fish

Salmon, cod, herring eggs are sold at a higher price than


These fish eggs are pickled in soy sauce and eat with rice

The combination of cooked rice and fish eggs is a pleasure of the Japanese

Also, Japanese people eat herring eggs at the New Year ‘s Day


This is salted eggs, and we eat salt when we eat

How to eat, soak in soy sauce, or sashimi

Herring has long been captured in Hokkaido a long time ago


at present,

most depend on imports from Scandinavia and the United States

Therefore herring eggs are high-grade ingredients

Herring eggs are called Kazunoko(数の子) in Japan



taste and texture is a pleasure

But Westerners do not eat these eggs

This herring egg is also used for sushi noodle

These fish eggs are also on the market with many substitute items

Japanese have eaten fish eggs in soy sauce or salted for a long time

The technology and ingenuity are the food culture that Japan is proud of

Let’s eat fish eggs when you come to Japan

Herring eggs are sold for sale a lot when they become older