【Nice instant Food】Acecook! One Tanmen? Delicious! Delicious!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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The Soul WorldWorld Food-Are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite?-

A lot of delicious items are sold in the supermarket in
Especially tasty is instant food
Among them,
instant noodles are superb and delicious
instant noodles are Japanese inventions
Instant noodles after drinking is pleasure
God allowed this pleasure only to the Japanese
In Japan, which is a paradise for instant noodles
there are lots of delicious instant noodles
Among them, Ace cook’s one tanmen is very good!


Ace cook ‘s one tanmen is a consomme flavor and it fits
the mouth of Westerners
First, warm the bowl and leave a pepper to sprinkle
And put the powder soup!
Instant noodles boiled down in a pot and broth
If you eat this in a cold winter the power to live will
come up
Noodles are thin, soup is elegant
Perfume is also effective,
I do not mind the smell of instant noodles
Ace cook ‘s one tanmen is delicious!
By the way, one tan men is noodles from China


The data of this instant noodle is as follows


1.Standard nutritional information Table 1 Diet (95 g)
2.Energy 430 kcal
3.Protein 9.7 g
4.Lipid 17.9 g
5.Carbohydrate 57.5 g
6.Salt equivalent(Noodles / soup) 6.5 g
7.Vitamin B1 0.57 mg
8.Vitamin B2 0.59 mg
9.Calcium 375 mg
Estimated amount of hot water required: 500 ml
it is delicious
In addition to cabbage and leek when boiling noodles it
will be tasty several ten thousand times
Eating this will change the world
You will be sorry for Japanese inventions