【The way of the quest】You Can Go To The Soul World-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The Soul World

Invisible news flowing from TV

Everyday is boring

Hot love affair

Hot lust




But the reality is dark

Why did you make a mistake in the way?


Common sense,
Law, Custom, Money?
I have to change the way somewhere
Life is only once
You wake up

Release light

You change your destination
And have new eyes
Your desire is an illusion

Your wish is an illusion

Your despair is an illusion
At this moment, time flows


You wake up
Do not become slaves of this world
Do not be misled by surrounding people

Look directly at the world

You are sleeping in

Hot soul

Wind direction changes
You are different from yesterday
There is nothing to lose to you

Do not ask for meaning

Existence is not meaningful

You wake up

Open your heart
To yourself

I am considering my life in Japan.