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【Thinking About Life】Ask for Meaning in Life-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Japanese bucket-1-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

You are seeking meaning in life

Every day is repetition

You are tired




Victory or Defeat,Income,

Deposit,Housing loan,Illness,

Coworker,Boss,Test,Myself,Reducing assets・・・

Since when is it?

It began when you were born
Why are you alive?

Japanese bucket-1-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

No one answered the question
So, why do you have that question?
There must be an answer somewhere


the answer can not be expressed by words or mathematical
This world is fluctuating
You do not exist after hundred years
Humanity and the earth will disappear someday
I live with emptiness
You live with emptiness
I can not deviate my life anymore

You are the same

Looking at the sky
the clouds are flying

Ask for Meaning in Life?

I am thinking in Japan