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【It Hits Well】This Fortune Tells Well!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
To know fate-japan-1

You want to know the fate

This is New York!

One young man comes from Mississippi
Youth「 I want to know fate 」
He muttered with my heart
At that time,
he asked the way for the travelers.
The tourist was a black youth.
A black youth「 I am Bobby from Nigeria 」
A young black man had a strong French accent.
The young man replied.

「 Actually, I am lost 」

A black youth was puzzled
「 I came to travel from Nigeria.
  New York is widely urban.
  I got lost again 」
The young man replied
「 Both of them are lost 」

To know fate-japan-1

they exchanged conversations with a laugh
A few minutes later,
Bobby’s smartphone rang
The communication was made from Nigeria
by It was E-mail
Such a thing was written in the E-mail
The two were surprised
There is fortune telling if you get lost
Bobby relied on fortune telling and looked for a way.
The youth asked for a way like Bobby.

To know fate-japan-2


a female police officer
who heard the conversation
between two people interrupted
the story.

「 What is that? 」

The young man replied.
「 This is Tokyo fortune telling 」
The female police officer abandoned his duties
And I looked into Bobby’s smartphone

To know fate-japan-3

The young man taught the female police officer.
「 Tokyo fortune-telling is free 」
Bobby translated kanji.

東京 Tokyo

占い fortune-telling

無料 Free

幸運 Fortune

the two succeeded

Because I believed in Tokyo fortune telling
After that,
the youth played an active part in Mississippi
Bobby was also active in Nigeria

You must leave it!

The fate