The Soul World

【The Soul World】A World Without Love-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Flowers blooming in Japan-1

Everything is empty

There is no love

Tears withered

Death approaches

The world does not change

Time flows

Flowers blooming in Japan-1

The sun will set
Tomorrow never comes




Flowers blooming in Japan-2

You are alive

There is no reason in existence

You ask for meaning

You are looking for meaning

I want an answer

Flowers blooming in Japan-3

The world is enveloped in darkness
But you are different

you know it

Wake up

You live

I see the light in the dark

Flowers blooming in Japan-4

The lighthouse leads a ship

Are you guiding?

Or is it guided?


Flowers blooming in Japan-5

You can fulfill your responsibility
This world will not change
But you are different
Do not ask for understanders
You should not spoil it

Narrow gate

Advance that path

Flowers blooming in Japan-6

You should not be afraid

Fear is ignorance

Look at the world

Feel the way you are

Do not be misleading around

Listen to the voice of your heart

There is no truth

But there is a desire for truth