The Soul World

【A Whole New World】A Whole New World!-TOKYO FORTUNE TELLING-

The Soul World
Fall of Japan-1

A Whole New World?

Where is it?

You want to know
This world is incomplete.

Fall of Japan-1

Everyone is hungry

Everyone is suffering

Everyone is puzzled

Everyone is lost

Everyone is drowning

Everyone is in need

Everyone wants to rule

Nobody gives up

Everyone devils

Fall of Japan-2

You can not overcome it?

You are not satisfied

To all of this world・・・

Fall of Japan-3

The world is scarce
Everyone forgets death

Death is a fear

Death robs everything

property, hope,

resolve, power, authority,

fame, love, domination, influence,

Pain continues・・・

Fall of Japan-4

Everyone escapes
The light of the sun does not reach
Ignorance gives birth to ignorance
Wheels turn

Fall of Japan-5

You must not forget
All that it is finite
Do not run away from light
Choose an easy answer
You will not be misled by the fake God

Reclaim the world!