【Live Life】Courage to Challenge The New World-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The Soul Worldコラム- Column-

You are alive
The world wants change

You are looking・・・?

I can not get an answer
Hesitant heart
Reality and lies
Is there no exit in this maze

You are worrying !

I want to get it but I can not get it

Rebun Island in Hokkaido, Japan-1

Everything is empty

Before fading

You have to give up fear

Get something

It is throwing something out
There is an answer
But there is no aisle

Rebun Island in Hokkaido, Japan-2

Challenge the new world
Yesterday there is no dream

Discard the Ego

Break the reality
Everything starts from here

That road is steep

But something is waiting for you
Run to a new world
You wake up

This is an obligation