Attractive Japanese Spring-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Attractive Japanese Spring-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

New world,
Spring in Japan・・・
Flowers bloom,
Cedar pollen scatter?
Spring suffers from hay fever,
Japanese hay fever is a human disaster.
Pharmaceutical company’s stock price goes up!


Spring in Japan, 
Tell the early summer,
A short spring,
People love flowers,

Cedar pollen and flowers

People are full of cherry blossoms on holidays in early April,
Japanese get drunk with alcohol in groups,
Many people dislike it.


many people love flowers blooming in spring,
I suffer from hay fever・・・
That is the spring of Japan,

Garden flowers

The sight of the cherry blossoms will be interesting if you see it
from a foreigner.
Particularly in urban areas, noisy spawnings are held on holidays,
Japanese people reveal nature when drunk,
Japanese people change their personality with alcohol,