【 Natural disaster】Tragedy that struck Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World

On 11th March 2011, Japan suffered a tragedy.
The Tohoku(東北) region was destroyed by the earthquake.
The tsunami struck the coastal area.
A lot of people were swept away by the sea.
And the nuclear power plant exploded.
At that time, northern Japan fell into a panic.
In Tokyo, electricity ceased, and fear of nuclear pollution.
The tragedy still continues.
However, people’s lives are peaceful.
Even now police and firefighting are looking for missing people.
Explosive nuclear power plants are also decontaminating.


The tsunami swallowed everything.
Peaceful, everyday, life, life・・・
On-site training is still under way.


On March 11, the inside of Japan reminds me of that day.
But memories are thin.
Life is transient,
What chances to one man may happen to all,
However, not everyone notices,

How do you live?

I do not know the answer,