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【Trip to Japan】Kyoto Station/the very center of town/The World railroad station-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World

Ticket to Kyoto
Introduction of the station,

The front of the station-1

Kyoto Station,
Completed in 1877年(明治10年)2月6日,

The front of the station-2

Kyoto Station Building,

Completed in 1997年!

Standing in front of Kyoto Station、

Kyoto candle Tower!

Kyoto Station Building-1

Construction started in  1963年(昭和38年),

Kyoto Station Building-2

Completed in  1964年(昭和39年),

Kyoto Station Building-3

Highest Kyoto Station!

This building is a modern、
Kyoto candle Tower is imagined to be a light house which
illuminates the towns in Kyoto without the sea,


Old and new world!

It is Kyoto,

This world very big!