【Leave the courage】Survive the Life-Tha’ts well said-/-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

日々の更新- Day-To-Day Update-

The wisdom of the Gunman,
Gall up all your courage and try it once more,



Be ofttimes mindful of the saying,

①/1st lesson.

Never beg another man.

②/2nd lesson.

Never trust anyone.

③/3rd lesson.

Never get between a gun and its target.

④/4th lesson.

A punch is like a bullet.
If You don’t make the first one count good.


⑤/5th lesson.

You wound a man,
You’d better kill him.
Because sooner or later,
he’s gonna kill You.

⑥/6th lesson.

Right put it,
right time,
well aimed.

⑦/7th lesson.

Gonna untie a man,
take his gun before then.

⑧/8th lesson.

Don’t give a man any more bullet,
You know he’s gun use for.

⑨/9th lesson.

Every time You have exact challenge,
You lose everything in life,

⑩/Last lesson.

When You start killing,
You can’t stop it.


The title of a Movie,

『 DAY OF ANGER 』(1968),

follow the example of one’s predecessors,