【Delicious】Do you like to Ramen?-Ramen is an intricate food-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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The Soul WorldWorld Food-Are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite?-

the history of a Ramen,
People who made Ramen,
A Long Established tradition,

in Japan,

the Ramen have a long history,
Help yourself to soup ,
The Ramen soup is too salty,
This soup stock very tasty,
Soy sauce,
Chicken bouillon,
Blend several kinds of Consomme,
Topping with variations,
Char-siu pork,
bamboo shoots、
green onion, Egg boiled・・・

Can you eat Ramen?

That is very famous and delicious food,


Eat Ramen the way they should be eaten,
with chopsticks,
Slurp up Ramen !,

make a noise !,

Manners and customs of the Japnese,
I took it for granted that you knew,
Restaurants  mainly  offering  teishoku
(Japanese style set menus) are generally
called ‘teishoku-ya’ (teishoku restaurant)
or local eating places.

Ramen every where!

Japan has a lot of delicious food.
Delicious Japanese food,
Soba restaurant( buckwheat noodles),
udon restaurant(wheat flour noodles),
gyudon (beef bowl),
restaurant, Casual restaurant,
sushi restaurant

“Conveyorbelt” Sushi Bar,

curry shop, tempura, Donburi,
All over the world Ethnic food,


can enjoy

National chain family restaurant,

reasonable prices,

set meal restaurant, okonomiyaki
(Japanese style savory pancake,a pizza)
shop and  Big Octopus Takoyaki !,
Cafe and Teahouse, and restaurant meal
delivery service and catering(Demae,)
Answer Ramen to a question,
What would you like to eat?


absolute  being  Ramen!

Seeing is better than

hearing  To see is to believe,