A GOLDEN MAXIM AtoZ- Y&Z -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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A GOLDEN MAXIM AtoZ-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

If you want my advice・・・
1. You never miss the water till the well
     runs dry.
2. You never know what you can do till you
3. Ye may drink of the burn but not bite of
     the brae.
4. Yielding is sometimes the best way of
5. You but spend your breath in vain.
6. You can have no more of a cat but her
7. You can take a horse to the water, but you
     can’t make him drink.
8. You cannot burn the candle at both ends.
9. You cannot run with the hare and hunt
     with the hounds.
10. You cannot catch old birds with chaff.
11. You cannot fare well but you must cry
      roast meat.
12. You cannot get a quart into a pint pot.
13. You cannot get blood out of a stone.
14. You cannot have it both ways.
15. You cannot have your cake and eat it,
16. You cannot lose what you never had.
17. You cannot make a crab walk straight.
18. You cannot make a silk purse out of a
       sow’s ear.
19. You fish fair and catch a frog.
20. You may lend your ass and shit through
        your ribs.
21. You must ask your neighbour if you
       shall live in peace.
22. Zeal, when it is a virtue, is a dangerous
23. Zeal without knowledge is sister of
24. Zeal without knowledge is a runaway
25. Zeal has wings.
As long as I live,
Life is only just an empty dream,
Life goes on,