A GOLDEN MAXIM AtoZ- P&Q -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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A GOLDEN MAXIM AtoZ-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

If you want my advice・・・
1. Punctuality is the soul of business.
2. Put your trust in God, but keep your
     powder dry.
3. Penny wise, pound foolish.
4. People who live in glass houses
     shouldn’t throw stones.
5. Perfect love cannot be without equality.
6. Physician, heal thyself.
7. Pity is akin to love.
8. Politics makes strange bedfellows.
9. Possession is nine points of the law.
10. Poverty is no disgrace, but it is a great
11.  Poverty is no sin.
12. Power corrupts.
13. Practice is better than precept.
14. Practice makes perfect.
15. Praise the child, and you make love to
       the mother.
16. Pride will have a fall.
17. Prosperity tries the fortunate’ adversity
       the great.
18. Queen Anne is dead.
       (Everybody  knows,)
19. Quietness is best, as the fox said when
       he bit the cock’s head off.
20. Quey calves are dear veal.
21. Quick and meat quick at work.
22. Quick returns make rich merchants.
As long as I live,
Life is only just an empty dream,
Life goes on,