GAIN WISDOM Part 3-You will soon come to understand-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
GAIN WISDOM-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Listen to me,
I will give you some pieces of advice,
1.  A  bargain  is  a  bargain.
2. Be  just  before  you  are  generous.
3. Catch  the  bear  before  you  sell  its  skin.
4. Delay  in  love  is  dangerous.
5. East  or  west,  home’s  best
6. Faint  heart  never  won  fair  lady.
7. Give  a  thief  enough  rope  and  he’ll
     hang  himself.
8. Happy  is  the  country  that  has  no
9. If  wishes  were  horses,  beggars  would
10. Jouk  and  let  the  jaw  gae  by.
11.  Keep  thy  feet  dry,  thy  mouth  moist.
12. Laugh,  and  the  world  laughs  with
       you;  Weep,  and  you  weep  alone.
13. Man  proposes;  God  disposes.
14. Never  do  things  by  halves.
15.  Old  birds  are  not  caught  with  chafr.
16.  Physician,  heal  thyself.
17.  Quick  returns  make  rich  merchants.
18.  Rats  leave  a  sinking  ship.
19.  Save  me  from  my  friends.
        (Watch out!,)
20. Talk  of  the  devil,  and  he  is  sure  to
21.  Uneasy  lies  the  head  that  wears  a
22.  Variety  is  charrning.
23.  Wanton  kisses  are  keys  of  sin.
24.  You  can  have  no  more  of  a  cat  but
         her  skin.
25.   Zeal,  when  it  is  a  virtue,  is  a
         dangerous  one.
Just take good care of yourself!