GAIN WISDOM Part 2-You will soon come to understand-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
GAIN WISDOM-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Listen to me,
I will give you some pieces of advice,
1.  A  bad  penny  always  comes  back.
2.  Bad  news  travels  fast.
3.  Care  killed  the  cat.
4. Death  is  the  grand  leveller.
     (Treat equally,)
5. East  is  East  and  West  is  West  and
     never  the  twain  shall  meet.
6. Facts  arc  stubborn  things.
7.  Genius  is  an  infinite  capacity  for
      taking  pains.
8.  Half  a  loaf  is  better  than  no  bread.
9.  If  the  blind  lead  the  blind,  both  shall
      fall  into  the  ditch.
10. Jack  would  be  a  gentleman.
11.  Keep  no  more  cats  than  will  catch
12.   Lad’s  love  is  a  busk  of  broom,
         hot  awhile  and  soon  done.
13.   Make  hay  while  the  sun  shines.
14.   Necessity  is  the  mother  of
15.   Of  soup  and  love,  the  first  is  the
16.   People  who  live  in  glass  houses
         shouldn’t  throw  stones.
17.    Quey  calves  are  dear veal.
18.    Raise  no  more  devils  than  you  are
          able  to  lay.
19.    Salt  water  cures  love.
20.    Take  things  as  they  come.
21.     Under  a  ragged  coat  lies  wisdom.
22.     Valour  can  do  (but)  littie  without
23.     Walnuts  and  pears  you  plant  for
            your  heirs.
24.     Yielding  is  sometimes  the  best  way
            of  succeeding.
25.      Zeal  without  knowledge  is  a
             runaway  horse.
Just take good care of yourself!