GAIN WISDOM Part 2-You will soon come to understand-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
GAIN WISDOM-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Listen to me,
I will give you some pieces of advice,
1.  A  bad  workman  always  blames  his
2. Barking  dogs  seldom  bite.
3. Catch  not  at  the  shadow  and  lose  the
4. Deeds,  not  words.
5. East,  west,  home’s  best.
6. Failure  teaches  success.
7.  Give  a  dog  a  bad  name and hang him.
8.  Handsome  is  that  handsome  does.
9.  If  the  mountain  will  not  come  to
      Mahomet,  Mahomet  must  go  to  the
10. Jam  tomorrow  and  jam  yesterday,  but
       never  jam  today.
11.  Keep  the  pot  boiling.(Enjoy,)
12.  Love  of  lads  and  fire  of  chats  is
        soon  in  soon  out.
13.  Man  does  not  live  by  bread  alone.
14.  Needs  must  when  the  devil  drives.
15.  Of  two  evils  choose  the  less.
16.  Perfect  love  cannot  be  without
17.  Quick  and  meat  quick  at  work.
18.  Rancour  sticks  long  by  the  ribs.
19.   Satan  always  finds  work  for  idle
20.  Take  time  by  the  forelock.
21.   Under  every  stone  sleeps  a  scorpion.
22.   Valour  cannot  harbour  in  base
23.   Want  is  the  mother  of  industry.
24.   You  but  spend  your  breath  in  vain.
25.    Zeal  without  knowledge  is  sister  of
Just take good care of yourself!