GAIN WISDOM Part 1-You will soon come to understand-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World

Listen to me,
I  will  give  you  some  pieces  of  advice,
1.  A  little  learning  is  a  dangerous  thing.
2.  Bad  money  drives  out  good.
3.  Calf love,  half  love  old love,  cold love.
4.  Dead  men  tell  no  tales.
5.  Early  to  bed  and  early  to  rise  makes
      a  man  healthy,  wealthy  and  wise.
6.  Fact  is  stranger  than  fiction.
7.  Genius  is  ten  percent  inspiration  and
      ninety  percent  perspiration.
8.  Habit  is  second  nature.
9.  If  Jack’s  in  love,  he’s  no  iudge  of
      Jill’s  beauty.
10.  Jack  of  all  trades and  master  of
11.  Keep  a  thing  seven  years  and  you’ll
       always  find  a  use  for  it.
12.  Labour  is  light  where  love  does  pay.
        (I feel depressed,)
13.  Make  haste  slowly.
14.  Necessity  has  no  law.
         (Virtue and vice,)
15.   Of  honey  and  gall  in  love  there  is
16.   Penny  wise,  pound  foolish.
         (A poor person)
17.   Queen  Anne  is  dead.
         (I get the picture,)
18.   Rain  before  seven,  fine  before
19.   Salt  water  and  absence  wash  away
         love. (Natural laws,)
20.  Take  care  of  the  pence,  and  the
         pounds  will  take  care  of  themselves.
21.   Under  a  bad  cloak  lies  a  good
       (A man is not to be judged by his look,)
22.  Vainglory  is  a  flower  that  bears  no
23.  Walls  have  ears.
        (by Snowden , whistle‐blowing from
    the inside)
24.  Ye  may  drink  of  the  burn  but  not
         bite  of  the  brae.
25.   Zeal  has  wings. (Quick-freezing,)
Just take good care of yourself!