Global Homeless-Change one’s Ways-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The Soul World日々の更新- Day-To-Day Update-

I  hope  to  own  a
house  in  globe  some day,
You  are  too  ambitions?
Life  is  only  an  empty  dream,
I  have  no  money  at  my  hands,
the  vanity  of  wealth,
I  told  myself  I  must  work  harder,


Think  for  yourself,
The  dark  side  of  life,
Lose  all  hope  for  one’s  future,


Lust , Anger ,Appetite,

A  struggle  for  existence・・・

All  roads  lead  the  to  death,
I’ve  become  utterly  tired  of  life,
There’s absolutely no hope,
I  lost  my  way  and
     wandered  into  a  strange place,


They  became   Global  Homeless
through  no  fault  of  their  own,
That is how the world goes,
Go to next world,
To meet is to part,


「 Why is
  it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve
  at a funeral?
  It is because we are not
  the person involved. 」,

by  Mark Twain