Rail Travel in JAPAN-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The Soul World日々の更新- Day-To-Day Update-コラム- Column-

The scene is New York station,
A Chance encounter,
USA   「  May I ask you a question ?  」
Ghanaian「 YES,  」
USA   「  Who is he ?  」
Ghanaian「  Business travelers,  」
USA 「  What is his occupation ? 」
Ghanaian「  Multimillionaire !  」
USA   「  How I wish I could live
                      my life again, 」
Ghanaian「 He is away on a trip,
        Go around the world, 」
USA    「       He and I live in two
                            different worlds,    」
USA  can’t  decide,
He  decided  to  go  to  a  foreign  country,
I  work  in  a  prison,
live  a  lie・・・
The next day,
I  was  send  in  one’s  resignation,
be  on  welfare・・・
He  did  not  fear  Unemployment,
We  have  the  food  stamp,
Swallowed  your  Common  Sense,
The warden of a prison 「   He got his job
                                                       and quit,
                He has not missed single day of
                work for the past twenty years,    」
He  disappear  into  the  prison,
His  way  of  life  is
totally  different  from  mine,
I’m sad that my best prison guard left me,
We  are  now  standing  at  the
crossroads  of  life,
In  those  days,
I  started  on  a
trip  without  any  fixed destination,
USA 「 I was travel by train, 」
Ghanaian「 What is the destination
                           of  this  train ? 」
the  destination  of  a  train,
USA 「 Japan ! 」
Ghanaian「 Japan ? 」
USA 「What happened ?  You look surprise, 」
Ghanaian「  I will you as far as Japan !  」
They  set  out  on  a  tour  of  Japan,
He started on a trip to Japan,
I flew took a plane from prison to Tokyo,


USA 「    The transportation
                system is well advanced and,
                moreover, location is perfect,   」
Ghanaian「   How do you like Japan?   」
USA 「  I  like  it,  」
Ghanaian「   In  Japan , even the
                         large  cities  are  safe,  」
USA 「    Let’s go trip at All over Japan ! 」
There  were  only
six  minutes  left  before  the  train  left,
Ghanaian「 This is the right train ? 」
USA 「    I  got  off  on  the
               wrong  foot  in  life  !   」
Ghanaian「  Such is life,  」
USA 「   That’s right,   」
Ghanaian「   What do we live for ?  」
USA   「   I’t is beyond me !   」
Ghanaian「   Don’t talk nonsense,   」
He had a long wait for the train,
In  traveling  what  one
wants  is  a  companion,


The perfection of Journey,
Welcome to Japan !