Success Breeds Success-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
The Soul World日々の更新- Day-To-Day Update-

He was world famous Entrepreneur,
I’d like to intoroduce Success Bill Gates !
He was programmer,
He is an interesting fellow,
He enjoy that privilege exclusively,
Bill Gates Make a monopoly
of  the  whole computer world,
OS  is  essential  to  computer,
It’s  no  use  resisting  Bill Gates !
He’s  always  been  a  Success,
so  he  doesn’t  understand  how  loser  feel,
Losers are always in the wrong ?
Your answer is wrong !
It doesn’t answer Bill Gates question,
Your find an answer ?
He knows a lot about this field,
Play,  Game,  Curiosity,  Anti authority・・・
「 All  work  and  no
      play  makes  jack  a  dull  boy, 」
We  shouldn’t
be  chained  to  the  Mistaken  idea,
Bill Gates,
Bring about a big change in consciousness,
Do as He does !
The book challenges readers to
think about their stance on the Success,
Will you play me
Game of Success with
Bill Gates ?
Bill Gates is usually credited
with inventing the OS windows,
Nothing succeeds like success
He was
Success Breeds Success,