-Item Introduction-

【Exercise】 impact ! Drink Energen-Awakening ! -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

-Item Introduction-
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-Item Introduction-

This is between you and me,
The story of during the Cold war,
Russian「 Do you know most of
                  isotonic drink? 」
Russian「 What do you think is the best? 」
USA「 O-kay 」
Russian「   Thank good,
                       How do you spell ? 」
USA「 Name brand energen ! 」
Russian「 energen ? 」
Russian「 Do you sell energen? 」
USA「 amazon.com or japan ! 」
Russian「 JAPAN ? 」
USA「  Manufacturer Otuska ! 」
Russian「  What is Otuska ? 」
USA「 Japanese big pharmaceutical
           manufacturer ! 」
Russian「 I was so astonished that
                    I dropped the AK-47
                    I had in my hand 」
USA「 Let’go and have a energen ! 」
He leveled his AK-47 at me,
Russian「 what !  No energen ? 」
A world famous Isotonic drink energen,
from japan,
Make The Otsuka company,
This tastes orange juice !
Provide data,

The gross weight 60g(1ℓ),

Energy 246kcal,

B-carotene 6mg,

Vitamin C 1,000mg,

Carbohydrte 59g・・・

Supply Electolytic !
Please try some,
Energen Catch phrase !

『 Burn your body fat ! 』

Instant- Energen
Russian「 How much did you pay for
     your energen? 」
USA「  Energen was high quality items !
     Let’s go to the amazon.com or
     japan together,」
Russian「 I beg your pardon ? 」

USA 「  Burn your body fat !  」

Russian「 ha-ha, 
     I am pleased with my
     new Isotonic drink,
     I am sure I will be satisfied, 」
Try a new Isotonic drink,

Enjoy Your Sports

Enjoy Your Exercise,
Enjoy Your Athletics,

Enjoy Your life,

Enjoy Your Isotonic drink,
Let’s have this drink too.
It tastes like orange juice.